Make CAPA Work for Your Supply Chain: See How Covid-19 Inspired Blue Diamond’s CAPA Transformation

Supply chain is one heck of a challenging place to make a career: order too much, the business is in trouble; deliver too little, the business is in trouble. Yet, everyday, there are supply chain heroes, who are stepping up to take on new challenges and persevere no matter what the headwinds are. 

That’s exactly what Shawn Nielsen, Global Sales & Operations Manager, did at Blue Diamond. In the midst of a global pandemic, while demand-mix was shiftling wildly and supply constraints were everywhere, Shawn stood up and said, now is the time to get better. 

Over the next few months, the Blue Diamond supply chain team rolled out a CAPA process designed specifically for operations. Blue Diamond’s processes evolved from ad-hoc and anecdotal to structured and fact-based. Now, in the true spirit of CAPA, Blue Diamond runs a proactive, global supply chain that is constantly getting better. 

Join us on November 12th at 10am PT to hear Shawn’s tips for overcoming supply chain challenges, implementing CAPA quickly in a complex organization, and enabling a culture for constant improvement. 

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