EPA Releases Proposal for Air Transport Regulations

The EPA released a proposal Wednesday which would implement tougher regulation on air pollution. The proposal focuses on the Clean Air Act, stating that airplane pollution from specific engines “endangers public health and welfare”. The authors wish to set an “international CO2 standard for aircraft”, affecting both domestic and international travel. The EPA will hold a public hearing on the contents in August. 

The authors state that manufacturers of aircraft engines and new aircraft will likely be affected, meaning they will have to change their design and manufacturing in order to meet new standards. Air transportation could see potential increases in costs, depending on the nature of these changes.

The proposal would require an international agreement before moving forward, disappointing some environmental groups.

It will be a while before any regulation gets underway, but many airline manufacturers have already begun developing more fuel-efficient engines – if only to cut costs. The move comes as part of a larger trend that focuses on sustainability in transportation. With global trade on the rise, it is up to air, rail and shipping industries to ensure affordable and sustainable options for transport of goods.

Amy Clark

Amy Clark

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