Elementum to #leadboldly by supporting global supply chain organizations with free Virtual “War Room” to manage disruptions caused by COVID-19 | Elementum

Elementum to #leadboldly by supporting global supply chain organizations with free Virtual “War Room” to manage disruptions caused by COVID-19

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At Elementum, it has always been our mission to be a socially responsible supply chain partner. So in this time of global crisis, we are stepping up to do our part. We invite any and all supply chain organizations to use Elementum Essentials at no cost for the rest of this year to run their virtual “war rooms” as they triage the countless supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of our existing customers, like Starbucks and Corning, are using Elementum already to manage their COVID-19 response. Thanks to Elementum being cloud-based, no IT is required and teams can get started within 24 hours to track, manage, collaborate, and resolve supply chain disruptions even if they and external partners are working remotely. They can proactively get ahead of disruptions such as direct and indirect material shortages, production delays and inventory re-allocation.

Kelly Bengston, SVP of Global Sourcing & Chief Procurement Officer at Starbucks Coffee Company shared that:

“Starbucks is finding it effective to centrally manage operational incidents through Elementum. I know who on my team is accountable for managing them; and I know exactly what to tell customers and stakeholders. This is especially helpful as partners are working remotely.”

Elementum is the leading supply chain Incident Management Platform and was designed to help global organizations easily collaborate to track, manage and resolve the inevitable supply chain exceptions that arise every day.

Leaders can track all operational incidents in the Dashboard:

Teams can manage incidents they are accountable for in the incident list:

Each incident has all relevant context, attachments, and relevant parties following with automated updates as the situation evolves:

There is no doubt we will be grappling with a myriad of short and long term challenges as a result of the extreme supply and demand shock caused by COVID-19 globally. Immediate challenges around demand spikes for commodities such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies and gloves have taken center stage. However, longer term supply shock ripples are likely to be felt for the next 6–12 months as production delays at impacted sites, material shortages and scarcity of logistics space come to light. For instance, a recent survey by the Institute for Supply Management found that nearly 75% of companies report supply chain disruptions in some capacity due to coronavirus-related transportation restrictions. In addition, 57% of US companies are experiencing an average of 2x longer lead times for components sourced from their tier-1 suppliers in China. This does not begin to quantify the impact from their “invisible” lower-tier suppliers who they don’t deal with directly, as highlighted in a recent Harvard Business Review article.

We are talking to many teams that are managing these exceptions via spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. It’s getting out of hand. This manual approach is resulting in a lot of time updating reports to send to leadership. Teams also miss trends around regional hot spots or root cause that could help optimize operations. These issues can be managed far more efficiently with the Dashboard and Incident List.

We have witnessed the tenacity and persistence of supply chain teams as they work around the clock to rectify supply issues caused by COVID-19. It is to those teams that we extend a helping hand through the use of Elementum Essentials at no cost, for the rest of this year.

Our customer success team stands ready to set up a Virtual War Room for any organization that needs the extra help. It takes less than an hour to do so, does not impact your IT team, and we promise to respond to your request within 24 hours. Visit www.elementum.com/COVID-19 to get your virtual “war room” up and running.

We are here for you — ready to help.

Nader Mikhail
Founder and CEO | Elementum | www.elementum.com

Nader Mikhail

Nader Mikhail


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