3 Medical Device Trends to Watch in 2015

With rapid advancements in technology and conflicting political forces on regulation, the medical device industry is an exciting one to watch. Here are some of our insights and analysis moving forward in 2015.


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Protect your Supply Chain from the NE Blizzard

As millions of American in the Northeast prepare for one of the most powerful blizzards in the region’s history, suppliers who manufacture or ship in the area should also take precaution.

Winter Storm Juno, expected to hit Monday night, has been...

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Different Region, Same Supply Chain Risk: Pirates!

When you hear the word “pirates” in the news these days, you probably think of Somalia. The country’s been facing waves of problems with criminal violence at sea since the second phase of the Somali Civil War in the early 21st century and a...

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3 Reasons Why the Electric Auto Supply Chain is Here to Stay

In a showing of the comeback of the auto industry, 45 new car models debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week. And despite oil prices being at a five year low, green is bigger than ever. Here are 3 reasons why we...

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Embar-NO: How to Take Advantage of Cuba’s Supply Chain

As soon as next month, President Obama is seeking to lift the United State’s 54-year-old trade embargo with Cuba. This historic move could mean a great deal for the state of international politics, and will also impact the global supply chain.


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Robot Roundup: How Supply Chain is Leading the Way in Sophisticated Automation

It might be years before we see fully self-driving cars roving the highways, but such vehicles are already cruising factory warehouses from Seattle to Shenzhen.

In the past five years, the rate of robot innovation has increased drastically to...

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Forced Labor in Malaysia and the Electronics Supply Chain

Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor made a move that could affect virtually every major player in electronics manufacturing. The government decided to place Malaysia on its official “watch list” for forced labor practices. This move could...

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For an Ethical Supply Chain, Transparency Matters

In the hyperconnected, globalized world in which we live, not a day goes by without corporate social responsibility in the news, or on your newsfeed.

Just this past week, Levi’s announced it will partner with the International Finance Corporation...

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Supply Chains Sandwiched Between Trans-Pacific Partnership

Sandwiches—the most unlikely of culprits, have become symbolic of the United States' and Japan’s inability to come to even a preliminary agreement on their bilateral agreements as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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