How to Find a Mentor on an Elevator Ride

Trying to convince someone to be your mentor is the wrong approach. It’s like asking how to convince someone to be your best friend. Instead, you should focus your time and effort on your work, and the right mentor will be drawn to your passion.

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Want to be a Leader? You Better Have These Ingredients

I’ve always been inspired by humble giants. Leaders who rise to the occasion, whose game-face reflects pure passion and those who live to deliver in the clutch, staring fate in the eyes with the confidence, grit, and unrelenting will to bring...

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[Big + Fast] > [Small + Fast] > [Big + Slow]

If you’re like me, your willingness to wait for your favorite brand caps out at about two days. Today, customers merely tolerate big brands based on how quickly and conveniently products get to their doorstep. If customers aren’t guaranteed...

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Focus on Cash, Not Costs, in the Supply Chain

We’re stuck in a painfully sluggish economy. Stifled consumption, overcapacity in shipping, and tumbling raw materials prices all point to the kind of slow growth that doesn’t turn around overnight.

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Ushering in the Social Supply Chain

The average person unlocks their smartphone over 100 times a day. So when a shortage of a single component (say, a particular grade of stainless steel) delays a phone’s release, consumers get restless. But did you know the same shortage of...

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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

This Monday, we lost a great leader in not just the supply chain world, but the global community at large: founding father and former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. 

Lee Kuan Yew was a transformative leader who in a matter of a single...

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How Technology Can Finally Stop the Bullwhip Effect

There are a few key problems that haunt supply chain managers everywhere — and one of the hardest to solve is the bullwhip effect.

At its core, the bullwhip effect is a problem of overly drastic changes in inventory caused by an initial shift in...

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Deflation in Europe and What it Means for Your Products

The dreaded “d” word, deflation, has been creeping to the top of international headlines lately.

What will this mean for getting your product to market in Europe and beyond?


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