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Tylenol Contamination And The Drug Recall Epidemic

  The events surrounding McNeil Consumer Healthcare’s recall of contaminated Infant’s Tylenol in 2010 eventually led to a $25 million fine being levied agaist the company by the FDA this year. McNeil’s contamination isn’t an isolated incident, but rather symbolic of a trend in increased supply chain scrutiny drug makers are seeing from the FDA, … Continued

UCLA Superbug Could Cause Crackdown on Medical Device Supply Chains

As oversights in FDA reporting and monitoring of medical devices are brought to the forefront of public scrutiny: regulatory agencies are more likely to crack down on smaller device manufacturers. Industry skepticism around smaller device makers could drive demand for medical devices manufactured by major industry players, or just create more headaches for device manufacturers … Continued

Will the Nicaraguan Canal Expand the Global Supply Chain?

  For over three months, one of the largest engineering projects in history has been underway, and it could change the terms of international shipping as we know it. The $50 billion Nicaraguan canal is expected to be completed in 2019, an estimate that many consider ambitious—some might even say unrealistic—given its scope. Funded by … Continued