House Democrats Reject Trade Adjustment Assistance

Today, the House of Representatives defeated a proposal considered necessary for the passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership’s Fast Track approval (TPA). The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) would have protected U.S. workers who  would lose...

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Elementum's Guide to the Trans Pacific Partnership

After years of debate, talks about the Trans Pacific Partnership may soon come to a close. While many aspects of the agreement are confidential, the Elementum News team looked through leaked documents and economic analysis to pool what is known...

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Homeward Bound: Reshoring's Shaky Momentum

Making Waves

Walmart has announced that it plans to add 1 million jobs to the United States by investing $250 billion in U.S.-manufactured goods over the next decade. The retail giant cited a shift in consumer sensibilities and an opportunity to...

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Disappointing April Container Volumes Keep LA and Long Beach In The Red For 2015

Ports Of LA and Long Beach Fail To Continue Record Setting Growth

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles continue to deal with the after-effects of February’s total port shutdowns, reporting mixed container volume growth for April. Long Beach...

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Billion Dollar Port Plan Brings Mega-Retailer To Mexico

Walmart Explores Mexico’s Supply Chain

Over the last several months, Walmart—the world's largest retailer—has slowly been increasing the share of products it imports through Mexico, a move that many other retailers have been reluctant to make...

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First In Flight, Last in Drones: Regulation Hampers US Innovation

Amazon and Others Pioneer the Future of Commercial Drone Use

On April 11th of this year the FAA finally granted Amazon a two-year permit for the commercial operation of its newest Prime Air delivery drone as it looks to continue conducting tests...

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Records Set As West Coast Ports Barrel Through Backlog

Ports Break Records To Get Backlog Cleared

The volume of containers handled at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is reaching historic levels as longshoremen barrel through what was once a three month long backlog of containers waiting to be...

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Manufacturing Renaissance Reinvigorates Supply Chain Interest In Southeast Asia

China's Shifting Economy Opens Door For Southeast Asian Manufacturing Growth

After falling for 7 straight months, China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), generally considered a barometer for manufacturing growth in the country,...

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The Real Cost Of The West Coast Port Strike Pt. 2

Two months after the end of the catastrophic West Coast port dispute, carriers on the West Coast are still struggling with the lingering effects of the shutdown, and economists are tallying up its final price tag. Meanwhile ports on the East...

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