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Made in China 2025 Promises a Manufacturing Revolution

Martin Abegglen/ Flickr Manufacturing Agendas: So Hot Right Now. China must have been feeling left out. Months after Modi and India introduced their ‘Make in India’ campaign and a full three years after the unveiling of Germany 4.0, China has joined the manufacturing revolution party. At the end of May the Ministry of Industry and … Continued

Indian Drug Makers Searching For A Lifeline

Source: FDA Voice More Indian Drug Makers Get A Slap On the Wrist Earlier this month, major Indian drug manufacturers Cipla and Wockhardt were both pressed to recall large drug lots after receiving FDA warning letters. A statement from Cipla cited impurity and degradation test failure as the cause for its recall. Meanwhile Wockhardt’s factory … Continued

Takata Recall Forces Auto Supply Chains To Shift Gears

“The Most Complex Consumer Safety Recall In U.S. History” On Tuesday, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it was doubling the size of the recall of automobiles equipped with Takata airbags, bringing the total number of vehicles recalled to 34 million—the largest product recall in US history. The initial recall of 17 million vehicles was … Continued

Paying Less At the Pump Could Cost Your Supply Chain Billions

“One thing that’s certain is that rising commodity prices will translate to higher pump prices.”   Those are the words of Mercator International Senior Analyst Dr. Derik Andreoli. No this declaration wasn’t made back in 2012 or 2011, or even last year. Dr. Andreoli made this striking projection in March of 2014—this year. At the … Continued

Hong Kong’s Fight and the Supply Chain at Risk

Hong Kong’s inability to reign in protestors may force Mainland China into placing economic sanctions on the island, causing a domino effect on the world’s supply chain. On August 31st of this year, the Mainland China Standing Committee ruled to delay granting citizens of Hong Kong the right to directly elect its government officials. Voters … Continued

Ebola Vaccination For Your Supply Chain

What happens when the world shutters its doors to a continent of resources? In August, ArcelorMittal S.A.—the world’s largest steel company—ceased production on an expansion to its iron ore site in Liberia. Flights in and out of Africa are being delayed and cancelled. Port activity is being suspended. International commercial activity has all but ceased … Continued

Why We Throw People at Supply Chain Problems

And why it’s a terrible idea. It’s 4am and your burnt 7-Eleven coffee has lost it’s charm. Yesterday has somehow turned into today, and you can’t for the life of you figure out how you’re here—again. You reluctantly look over to the whiteboard, dimly lit by the glowing pallor of your laptop (Which by the … Continued

Scotland’s What if?

A look into the country’s decision and, believe it or not, global impact.   In a parallel universe—four months from now—a port director in Edinborough is explaining to the confused captain of a South American shipping vessel why he has to go through Scottish customs, even though he just passed through UK customs in Sunderland … Continued

Exclusive: “No Indication That Bardabunga Will Erupt”

  Volcano heats up media, but ashy discharge is limited. Sources say disruptive eruption highly unlikely. AUGUST 30, 2014: 02:37GMT The National Meteorological Survey of Iceland re-elevated its aviation warning level to red at 08:00 GMT on September 9th, indicating that an eruption was ongoing after a fissure opened and began emitting lava and ash … Continued