Takata Faces Sharp Losses as Airbag Recall Expands

In April, 22-year old Kylan Langlinais crashed her 2005 Honda Civic into a utility pole in Lafayette, Louisiana. The airbag, manufactured in Mexico by Takata, exploded, shooting out metal shards and cutting an artery in her neck. Two days later,...

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EPA Releases Proposal for Air Transport Regulations

The EPA released a proposal Wednesday which would implement tougher regulation on air pollution. The proposal focuses on the Clean Air Act, stating that airplane pollution from specific engines “endangers public health and welfare”. The authors...

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For Big Agriculture, Technology is on the Menu


By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion people. A growing concern worldwide is the problem of feeding all those people, especially considering that today there are 870 million living in hunger. The United...

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West Coast Strikes Spur Preemptive Labor Talks

The West Coast ports have been open for business for months, but they are still reeling from the closures and heavy congestion that have left their once-booming ports with dwindling traffic. The strikes affected every manufacturing industry in...

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Amazon Turns its Boxes into Minions

Amazon has partnered with Universal Entertainment and Illumination PIctures to bring you an advertising campaign the size of its subjects. Boxes shipped from select Amazon distribution centers this month will serve as mini-billboards for Minions,...

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Supply Changes: Sustainability and Responsibility in the Modern Supply Chain


The Natural Gas Paradox, or Why Supply Chain Traceability is Important

Chances are you have at some point driven behind a truck that boasts a “Powered by Natural Gas” label. You have, logically, assumed that this truck is reducing carbon...

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Ship it Good: What Do Maersk’s New Ships Mean for Water Transportation?

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Shipping giant Maersk posted healthy profits this quarter despite declining freight rates. The losses were offset by cheap oil prices – not a sustainable source of profit. Maersk must find a way to mitigate...

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The “Silk Rail”: China Invests in Efficient Freight

Washington Post

Slow Train to Europe

In 1980, faced with a slow and struggling railroad industry, U.S. Congress passed the Staggers Rail Act in hopes of saving what was once a booming asset. The Act deregulated much of the industry, making it...

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A Recipe for Profitability: Supply Chain Transparency Can Save Dwindling Restaurant Sales

Chipotle's Secret Salsa: Supply Chain Transparency

If you want to understand what's so alluring about the fast-casual movement, start by visiting a Chipotle restaurant at lunchtime. Notice the scores of students, professionals, and everyone in...

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