Amy Clark, Author at Elementum
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What Today’s Fed Decision Means for Supply Chains

The Federal Reserve announced today that it would not be hiking interest rates, offering no word on whether it would raise them in the future. Prior to recent turmoil in world markets, there was talk about raising interest rates—but those hopes were quickly dismissed.

Chennai Floods Halt Manufacturing

After a brief respite, torrential rains continue to batter Chennai, on India’s Southeastern coast. How is the situation affecting manufacturing and logistics in one of India’s tech hubs?

The Busiest Online Shopping Day you’ve Never Heard of

For every flower gifted on Valentine’s day, someone is treating themselves to a box of chocolates. It’s a common practice to spend money on yourself on days like Valentine’s Day, and many stores offer discounts and promotions to capitalize on this trend. But China has an entire day devoted to single people. Every November 11th … Continued