Atlantic Storm Watch: Communicating with your Supplier Network | Elementum

Atlantic Storm Watch: Communicating with your Supplier Network

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  • Majority of freight is coming in via air from Latin America. Risk areas are import lanes from LATAM to the US through Miami gateway, and anything destined for Miami through Charleston.
  • It is still unknown when Southeastern air and sea ports are going to reopen. Customers should contact their suppliers, in order to understand current available inventory levels and their capacity for additional demand.
  • Best practice is to prepare supplier network for alternate mode transportation procedures.   
  • Provide best instruction on how supplier would need to land freight so network can ingest and respond.
  • There’s a strong possibility that originally planned landed cost cannot be realized due to Force Majeure; prioritize inbound freight that is critical to network health when deciding what to execute against.  
  • Proactive over-communication and preparation will lead to operational excellence when the proper information becomes available.

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Tal Porat

Tal Porat


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