Amazon Turns its Boxes into Minions


Amazon has partnered with Universal Entertainment and Illumination PIctures to bring you an advertising campaign the size of its subjects. Boxes shipped from select Amazon distribution centers this month will serve as mini-billboards for Minions, the latest film from the Despicable Me franchise. The boxes are bright yellow and feature one of the Minions – Stuart, Bob or Kevin. The boxes also provide a link to Amazon’s Minions site, where shoppers, enticed by their packaging, can purchase from a huge array of Minions-related goods. The site features a whimsical video explaining the packaging – “Something out of the ordinary is happening at Amazon,” the company states. Indeed – according to Time, this is the first time the company has partnered with a film studio to advertise on its boxes.

Using packaging as advertising is a lucrative new endeavor for Amazon, and it makes sense. Boxes are ubiquitous, easily visible, and essentially blank canvases ready for partnerships. You can likely look forward to even more advertising campaigns greeting you along with your mailman.


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