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It’s A Great Time to be in SaaS!

Assuming, you’re built data-first This is a wild time for enterprise software. At this very moment, we’re sitting at the intersection of several major trends,

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Style and Substance In Change Management Communications with Sales

In the first half of this discussion, The Change Management Conundrum: When To Tell Sales – we talked about structure and timing for change-management communications with that most vocal (and crafty) of all stakeholders. We laid out a simple “3 Touch” structure for building communications progressively: enrolling while delivering, and thereby creating momentum. In Part Two, we’ll complement the what and the when with some hows, as we turn our attention to style and content for these communications.

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Responding To Uncertainty

Four Critical Steps That Will Separate Supply Chain Leaders as Recession Looms In Part One of this blog post, we discussed in some detail how

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