Data-Driven Workflows for the Manufacturing Cloud

Late last year, Elementum made the change to go cloud-native.

On one hand, this was a big bet: A complete rearchitecture of Elementum’s platform in order to operate seamlessly with modern data stores. The benefits, though, were obvious – the ability to “view” data instead of move it, which meant seamless access to customer data (i.e. no integrations required) with better performance and better security. But, it would be a 12-month effort to rebuild and replatform all current customers. Painful.

On the other hand, there was no other option. The writing was already on the wall that all enterprise data was going to the cloud, and to be a technology company of the future, you’ve got to be where the data is. Specifically, for Elementum, being cloud-native unlocked the potential of data-driven workflows. 

Traditionally, workflows have increased productivity through structure and accountability. But, with data-driven workflows, the activities normally performed by people are replaced by data. Changes in the data automatically initiate the workflow, and then the conditions in the data inform the actions to be taken, which can also be done automatically system-to-system. By harnessing a company’s data to automate key business processes, the productivity gains from workflows go from incremental to exponential.

So, Elementum bit the bullet and spent almost all of 2022 building the first data-driven workflow platform. In hindsight, I can say emphatically that it was worth the effort!

In February of this year, Elementum announced its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Around the same time, we listed five pre-built solutions on the Snowflake Marketplace, including Inventory Management, Logistics, Risk Management, Merchandising, and Data Governance, all Powered by Snowflake

In just a short time, Elementum has added incredible customers like Hitachi and Siemens, who are benefiting from automating critical business processes – such as lead time optimization and stock transfer orders – with data-driven workflows.

And, today, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Snowflake in its launch of the Manufacturing Data Cloud. With this launch, Elementum is introducing new data-driven workflows for key manufacturing processes, such as materials management, cycle time optimization, expediting, quality assurance, and exception management. 

With the rapid evolution of cloud, automation, and AI, there’s never been a better time for enterprise software. With Elementum’s move to cloud-native, and with amazing partners like Snowflake, we couldn’t be better positioned to embrace the future. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Elementum or its data-driven workflows, go to, or send us an email at

David Blonski

David Blonski

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