An AI Revelation at Snowflake Summit?

By now, the hype cycle around AI is well established. 

That’s why it was surprising when Snowflake was noticeably coy about its AI strategy when announcing Q1 earnings last month. Unlike other enterprise software behemoths – like Microsoft, Salesforce, and even Oracle – Snowflake didn’t proclaim any “game-changing” new products or monumental paradigm shifts. Instead, simply acknowledged the opportunities granted by AI and said there would be more to come. 

Investors were evidently disappointed, as demonstrated by the dip in share price, but if you’ve paid attention to Snowflake, then you know they prefer to act instead of talk. Snowflake has always said that happy customers lead to happy investors, not vice versa. 

When it comes to transformational technology, the first to market is rarely the best to market. Facebook spent $14B on VR in 2022, but it’s Apple’s more pragmatic take on AR with its launch of the Vision Pro that’s stealing the headlines.  

Goes to show that patience is a virtue, which is why Summit is the perfect place for Snowflake’s great AI reveal.

The profound reality is that AI is powered by big data. So far, most of the AI advances have been with consumer products where data has been available in seismic quantities in order to train large language models. For business implications, it’s been harder to gain access to data as a lot of it is, rightfully, proprietary.

Where is enterprise data available in sufficiently large quantities? Hmm…could it be the Data Cloud? Yes! 

Nvidia is getting the hype for bringing the hardware to enable AI. Similarly, it’s reasonable to expect Snowflake will bring the data to power the AI revolution, particularly for enterprise. 

Afterall, Snowflake is the same company that brought you the Snowflake Data Cloud with multi-cluster shared data architecture and automatic query optimization. They know how to deliver transformational technology. They’re not going to miss the wave. In fact, they’re going to be facilitating it. 

For Elementum, this is fuel on the fire. Elementum is the only platform to create fully automated workflows by harnessing the data in Snowflake. Already a breakthrough innovation – applying cloud-native data mining to automate critical business processes – we’ve further enhanced Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows with AI-powered NLP to:

  • Ingest unstructured data by email to automatically initiate intelligent workflows
  • Convert spoken commands into formulas, so business analysts can easily compare complicated data sets
  • Turn simple descriptions into multi-stage workflows (e.g. “build a process for on-boarding new employees)

However, Elementum – like Snowflake – knows that the best is yet to come. As Snowflake primes itself to be a catalyst for enterprise AI, cloud-native partners like Elementum are uniquely positioned to bridge the space between Snowflake and the end customers. With Snowflake as the data layer for AI enablement, Elementum will be the application layer for AI realization, and therefore, monetization.

Some ideas of what’s to come with Snowflake pushing the AI boundary:

  • More native AI capabilities so data doesn’t need to call third-party APIs but always stays in the customer’s data cloud
  • Higher quality data sets for the enterprise (e.g. function-specific, industry-specific, etc.) that drive more accurate results
  • Data sharing for AI that enables automated collaboration between partners 

So, will Summit be Snowflake’s watershed moment for AI? 

If it isn’t, then pay close attention to the subtleties of what is announced. The tracks have to be laid before the trains can start running. Enterprise AI won’t be built overnight, but Summit may be our glimpse into which direction the tracks are going. 

If it is the big AI reveal, then look for a 12-month roadmap with partners playing a critical role in the value creation story:

  • Months 0-3: Communicating and educating
  • Months 4-6: Partner enablement/adoption
  • Months 7-12: Customer pilots and trials
  • Summit 2024: Customer showcases  

No matter what, Snowflake knows expectations are high, and we should be in for a great show. We’ll see you there!

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David Blonski

David Blonski

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