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Style and Substance In Change Management Communications with Sales

In the first half of this discussion, The Change Management Conundrum: When To Tell Sales – we talked about structure and timing for change-management communications with that most vocal (and crafty) of all stakeholders. We laid out a simple “3 Touch” structure for building communications progressively: enrolling while delivering, and thereby creating momentum. In Part Two, we’ll complement the what and the when with some hows, as we turn our attention to style and content for these communications.

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The Change Management Conundrum: When to tell Sales?

The more experience you have with change management initiatives, the more familiar you’re likely to be with the difficulty of communicating and staging these initiatives with your sales organization. In this two part article we’ll discuss some proven methods for getting your sales partners on board with you: we’ll talk about timing, content, lines of influence — and we’ll show how these techniques can maximize your upside, and mitigate serious risks. Part One focuses on a simple but effective structure for communications; in Part Two, we’ll dig deeper into communication style and how the right content and tone can help you…close the deal.

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Food Supply Chain Issues

The global food supply chain has grown exponentially over the last few decades, creating complexity and challenges that translate into empty store shelves and a lack of basic provisions. Recent shortages have highlighted the need for robust, future-proof supply chain management systems that far exceed the capabilities of conventional inventory control processes. Today, we will look at the importance of supply chain management in food production and some solutions to prevent further crises.

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Supply Chain Solutions

McDonald’s discontinued serving large fries in several countries–according to their social media posts, the reason behind this decision was a problem with their supply chain.

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Supply Chain Software

It’s 2022, and there is software on the market for every situation—including software that meets the needs of supply chain management (SCM). If there’s anything

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Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chains are the backbone of any business, and knowing the relevant terminologies surrounding supply chains is important because it helps your company define roles

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How to Fix Supply Chain Issues

According to research, 84% of customers will not return to a business after a poor delivery experience; 98% also believe that shipping influences brand loyalty.

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Causes of Supply Chain Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted the global supply chain and exposed many underlying problems with the system. Let’s explore the dynamics and possible disruptions within

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