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Beginner's Guide:

What Is Supply Chain Service Management?

Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs, Protect Revenue: See What's Possible with SCSM

Supply Chain Service Management (SCSM) is a new way to manage supply chain processes as a service. Stop managing late shipments in a spreadsheet. Stop managing supplier issues by email. Stop managing production delays by word of mouth. Start to proactively manage each of these orphaned processes as a service with SCSM and start seeing improvements to key operating metrics, such as OTIF, Service Level, and throughout.
• Centralize supply chain data into a single source of truth

• Customize workflows to accelerate execution

• Automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity

• Identify trends to eliminate recurring problems


The SCSM Beginner’s Guide includes examples from client success stories, including Starbucks, Vitamix, Dyson, Blue Diamond and Corning data from the latest research, and step-by-step adoption plans. Download the guide and unleash the full power of SCSM for your supply chain.


Helping the Fortune 1000 orchestrate supply chain exceptions

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