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Real-time supply chain insights.

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Execute with conviction.

Identify new opportunities and open the door to new possibilities.

executive_icons_insights.png Real-Time Insights
executive_icons_context.png Context-Specific Views
executive_icons_strategic.png Strategic Opportunities

Uncover the unexpected.

Your supply chain like you’ve never seen it before.


Get an immediate sense of your supply chain, within the context of how your business is organized. You can start anywhere, and go everywhere with real-time guided views—analyzed by product, organizational, regional, and customer hierarchies.


Set your sights on insights.

Oh what a (bird’s eye) view.

Powered by the world’s Product Graph™, you’ll discover actionable insights to improve your procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and planning functions.

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Supply chains are complex by nature, but getting the answers I need shouldn’t be. With the Executive app, I’m able to steer straight towards the information I need, and in the process, identify strategic opportunities. Mike McNamara, CEO, Flex