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Elementum Recognized as Best Place to Work, CEO Wins Power Executive Award

For two years running, Silicon Valley Business Journal ranks Elementum, the real-time supply chain platform, among Bay Area’s Best Places to Work. SVBJ also names Nader Mikhail, Founder and CEO, 2016 Bay Area Power Executive.


Mountain View, Calif. – April 20, 2016 – For the second year in a row, Elementum has won The San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Award. On top of that, the company’s CEO Nader Mikhail has been named among the Business Journal’s Bay Area Power Executives. Hard to believe that a supply chain management software company would be the cool kid on the block, right?

So what makes Elementum such a great place?



Take a look around you. Nothing you see would exist without supply chain. But would you believe that the $25T global product economy (a third of global GDP) still runs on supply chain technology from the ‘90s?

Unlike industries where real-time is standard—such as social media and consumer electronics—supply chain runs on a string of technologies that are slow, reactive, and function in a vacuum. It’s like if every morning your car’s GPS gave you traffic conditions...from three weeks ago. 

To protect themselves against the unexpected (such as factory fires, labor disputes, or unscripted celebrity endorsements), companies pad their plans with extra days and their warehouses with extra inventory to ensure they don’t run out of product. But all this comes at a price—every day of supply costs a typical Fortune 500 company over $80M. In fact, poor supply chain velocity is the biggest killer of product companies today. 

How does Elementum solve this problem?

While others see an industry of widely disparate parts, Elementum sees a world connected—through a Product Graph™ that digitally maps all the world’s supply chains. This graph provides real-time visibility, insight, and decision support, allowing customers to capture revenue opportunities more efficiently, adapt faster to volatile demand, and respond more quickly to potential supply shocks.


quote-open We are defined by the nature of the challenge we are taking on. Lighthearted, surefooted pioneers. Elementums. quote-closed
- Nader Mikhail, Founder & CEO



It takes a special caliber of individual to tackle such a complex problem. Fortunately, Elementums aren’t afraid of a challenge. But when you walk into Elementum, you’ll notice that everyone has left their ego at the door. We believe in sharing credit when things go well and looking in the mirror when they don’t.

If you look to the left, you’ll see a ping pong game turn into a conversation about how to improve scrum team meetings. To the right, you’ll see glass conference rooms where lively debates mix with lighthearted jokes to form the ingredients for constructive solutions.

Having the freedom to explore creative new approaches defines the modus operandi at Elementum—so the company’s culture welcomes people who are simultaneously ambitious and humble.

Leading this (sometimes) crazy class of upstarts is...



Nader Mikhail is the man with a plan (one that he likes better than this photo).




The BBQ-enthusiast has united an eclectic team around a vision to transform the way products are made. Rather than just bringing technology to the table, he’s challenging the way supply chains operate, convincing industry leaders to think in a way that’s in line with today's consumers—dynamic and real-time. 

So it’s no surprise he’s received the 2016 SVBJ Power Executive award, which recognizes standout leaders in the Bay Area who’ve made a difference in their industries.

At the office, Mikhail is the culture champion: advocating lightheartedness while leading the charge to solve one of the world’s most challenging problems. Not to mention, tripling revenue every year since Elementum began. The Power Executive Award recognizes Mikhail’s achievements as a true pioneer, along with his team, helping the world Make. Things. Better.



Calling all lighthearted, sure-footed pioneers. Ready for the opportunity of a lifetime?






It's time to upgrade your supply chain. How? With real-time apps to help companies streamline procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and inventory operations. Powered by the world’s Product Graph™, Elementum provides a full picture of the global product economy for smarter, more proactive supply chains. Customers get actionable insights and early warning signals to assign, collaborate on, and resolve issues—wherever, whenever. Elementum’s customers span the automotive, healthcare, food & beverage, industrial, consumer, and technology sectors. For more information, visit www.elementum.com.




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